About Us

About Us

Our Approach

At Healing Homes Network, we believe in providing an environment that allows for the greatest degree of transformation and healing, bringing trauma-informed and evidence-based practices into each decision we make. We believe every person deserves a home, a chance to heal, and supportive networks, including our house managers and owners.

Our Story

Healing Homes Network is the result of several individuals coming together in September of 2018 with a plan to start a business and open by November. While November did not happen, the Pioneer House launched and had its first residents by December, with just over three months between the idea and opening. View our team below to learn more about the stories of each owner!

Meet the Team

Meet our owners, Allison and Jason, two individuals who've decided to dedicate their lives to the lives of others, especially those battling the diseases of alcoholism and addiction, something each of them experienced personally.

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Allison Smith

Founder & Owner

Accountability: Owner/Operator responsible for interiors, house management and program development.

Career/Background: I identify as a person in long term recovery as of April 8th, 2016.  I completed my time as a Real Estate Agent and moved on to a new adventure. In 2019, I received my Bachelor's in Gender, Women and Sexuality from the University of Minnesota and opened a cleaning, organizing and home décor business. Both of these arenas support my work with HHN as I am responsible for the interiors of the homes and the creation of our programs at HHN. My education at the U of M has given me an entirely nuanced outlook on the experience of being a woman based on the intersectionality of race, gender, class, sexuality and how these factors impact addiction, alcoholism and ultimately recovery.  

My Why: I am aware that my recovery is a miracle and I choose to be an example of what is possible for women when they take on healing and sobriety. I am interested in shifting recovery from survival based to thriving based through self love.

Values: My greatest values are well being, self love, honesty, integrity and beauty. I live from the principle that in order to be of service to the world, I must relentlessly care for my well being. 

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Jason Lennox

Founder and Owner

Accountability: Owner/Operator responsible for outreach, finance and accounting, and program development.

Career/Background: I’m a dedicated behavioral healthcare professional and have held positions in clinical support, finance and software management. I began my career in behavioral healthcare in 2015 and obtained a Bachelor's in Business Management in 2016. I currently serve as the Director of Revenue Cycle Management with Avivo, overseeing access, intake, billing and collections, and software management. I also serve as a chapter director for a national nonprofit organization serving children with cancer and other illnesses. My time spent in human services and charity work has helped me understand and develop my life purpose, sharing the possibility of a rich life for any and all who wish to know it.

My Why: As someone who was able to overcome a dozen-year struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol, my purpose in life is to share my own testimony and drive opportunities for others to create their own testimony of triumph over the dark world of addiction.

Values: My strongest core values include integrity, sincerity, honesty, service, family, peace and love. I live my life knowing that the greatest of all these is service to others, for most of my joys in life are born from it.